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Delivery Process

At Confirma™ we understand that successful projects are the result of collaboration. We aim to combine our knowledge, with the client and supplier engineers to ensure we have the optimal design, products and overall solution to deliver the best possible outcome for our clients.

Project Delivery Model

Step 1 – Design

We’ll work together, leveraging our experience with the expertise of client and supplier engineers to provide you with a preliminary design at no cost.

Step 2 – Product Specification

Based on design requirements we’ll work with suppliers to specify certified products that will satisfy and optimise your project requirements.

Step 3 – Testing & Certification

When providing structural retrofit, strengthening and waterproofing solutions you need a dependable solution.

Confirma will work with suppliers to provide proof that our systems and products comply with the relevant engineering standards and the Building Code of Australia.

Step 4 – Application

Having products you can depend on provides peace of mind. Having a supplier authorised application company that is audited annually ensures that the application is carried out correctly.

Step 5 – Quality Assurance

Collectively bring together the criteria of Steps 1, 2, 3 and 4 to provide quality assurance.

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