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Confirma™is a market leader in stopping water leaking through concrete structures using injection technology. Our practical experience coupled with the materials and systems we use has shown we have a proven track record of providing permanent treatments to these issues.

Advantages of Waterstop Injection include:


Flexible sealing of dynamic cracking


Permanent water seal providing durability for both cracks and construction joints


Substrate conditions range from dry to pressurised water, adjustable setting times to suit individual applications


Very low viscosity polyurethane-based elastomer resin

What is Water Ingress?

Water ingress is the term used to describe penetrating damp or water seepage in a property or structure. It occurs when water finds its way into a building, infrastructure, or any enclosed space, typically leading to moisture-related problems and damage.

Causes of water ingress can occur through various pathways, such as cracks, gaps, joints, porous materials, defective drainage systems, faulty internal plumbing or an inadequate waterproofing system. It can affect both the exterior and interior of a structure, impacting different elements, including walls, roofs, foundations, floors, and underground spaces. It’s important to get on top of this issue as soon as possible, as prolonged water exposure can weaken building materials through cracks and deterioration. Water ingress leads to corrosion of steel within a concrete substrate causing spalling.

Confirma™ specialises in rising damp and water ingress solutions relating to concrete and masonry structures (i.e. not roof leaks etc). We employ industry-leading technologies to seal cracks, fill voids, and strengthen concrete surfaces which ensures long-lasting repeated water ingress prevention. Our concrete repair experts assess the extent of damage, identify the root cause of water infiltration, and provide tailored strategies to repair concrete foundation cracks and treat water ingress.

We want to ensure complete client satisfaction, so our full range of water ingress solutions includes meticulous surface preparation, high-quality repair materials, and advanced waterproofing techniques. Our skilled team can also install or repair a damp-proof course to prevent moisture ingress from the ground and protect your concrete.

Experts in Curtain Injection Systems

Confirma™ is an expert in waterproofing leaking concrete structures by using hydro-structure gel technology for curtain injection.

Curtain injection waterproofing systems work by using pressure injection to place a gel curtain behind the structure which then creates a physical barrier, preventing water getting to the structure. Holes are drilled through the structure in a grid pattern which are then used to inject a flexible hydro-structure gel into the soil on the other side. This gel curtain provides a durable solution to stop moisture or water from penetrating the structure and prevent any further damage to the concrete or brick/masonry wall.

Using curtain injection allows you to stop multiple leaks at once and protects the structure from long-term damage. It is the preferred method to repair leaking basement walls, underground car parks, concrete slabs, tunnels and other structures affected by various elements that can’t be sealed from the outside. Curtain injection may also be required when previous attempts at crack injection have failed or when not all the cracks can be found in a leaking wall.

Waterproofing leaking structures using our hydro-gel technology

These structures include:


Historic brick foundations


Basement concrete walls and slabs


Masonry basement walls


Polystyrene basement walls


Basement and tunnel construction joints

Innovative Solutions For Basement Leak Repair

We can restore the structural damage caused in a damp basement and prevent water ingress from reoccurring.

Concrete damage caused by water and moisture costs the building and construction industry billions of dollars every year. Moisture can turn concrete slabs and foundation walls into weak and vulnerable structures. It corrodes the steel reinforcement and causes a range of hidden issues. It’s especially important for structures in ground contact to be protected from water contact, but defective external membranes, changing groundwater levels and movements within the structure can all still leave the concrete foundations and subterranean walls vulnerable to deterioration.

Basement leaks are a common problem that can occur due to various factors such as foundation cracks (in the basement wall or basement floor), hydrostatic pressure, inadequate waterproofing, or improper drainage. Traditional post-construction methods used to protect structures covered by the ground are complex and not always feasible. Interior sealings only hide the problem and do not protect the structure from damage. Before any surfaces can be sealed externally they need to be fully exposed through excavation. 


If the area around your structure has already been developed then excavation is unlikely to be an option for concrete foundation repair due to the high impact and economic cost.

Confirma™ can provide a curtain injection solution for your wet basement without the need for costly excavations while also avoiding any disruptions to surrounding buildings. The gel curtain is injected through the wall from the inside to the outside which creates a waterproof barrier around the structure.

The curtain injection process starts by drilling holes through the structure in a grid pattern. Specialised pumping equipment is used to inject the flexible hydro-structure gels through the drilled holes, injecting from the lowest point in the wall and systematically working higher. Through this process, an entire curtain membrane can be achieved on the external side of the wall.

If you would like more information on water ingress or have a specific need that you would like to discuss, please get in touch.