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Confirma™ is Australia’s leader for structural concrete repair, strengthening and protection. Our specialist team can assist with the whole range of concrete remediation projects across Australia’s eastern seaboard using both traditional and modern technology and materials for durable structural concrete repairs.

Consulting and Design

If you have a problem relating to concrete construction anomalies, or concrete degradation, Confirma™ can advise an appropriate repair strategy or solution.

Concrete Repair

Confirma™ has extensive experience in concrete structural repair from initial diagnosis to providing the necessary repair systems and delivery of a quality end product for our clients.

FRP Composite Strengthening

Confirma™ is the installation expert for specialist composite strengthening systems in the structural concrete repair, protection and retrofit sectors.

Structural Injection

Confirma™ is a leader in repairing structural cracks in concrete structures using concrete injection repair technology with epoxy resin.

Waterstop & Curtain Injection

Confirma™ is a market leader in stopping water from leaking into concrete structures using specialised injection technology and hydro-structure gel technology.

Dry Spray (Gunite) Shotcrete

Confirma™ specialises in Dry Spray (Gunite) shotcrete application. Dry spray is ideal for small to medium repairs or in confined vehicle access conditions.

Bridge Jacking and Bearing Replacement

Confirma™ has a track record of successfully lifting and reinstating various structures, including vehicle & pedestrian bridges.

Post Tensioning

Post-tensioning is a technique used to pre-stress reinforced concrete. The tensioning provides the member with an immediate and active load-carrying capability.

Scour Protection and Pressure Grouting

Confirma™ is an expert in scour protection and pressure grouting using a broad range of systems such as geotextile, gabion, cementitious, and solution chemical mixtures.

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