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Confirma™ is a market leader for structural concrete crack repairs in Brisbane. Our innovative methods include using duromer resins, including epoxy, for concrete repair and structural strengthening.

Small cracks in concrete may be easy to overlook at first, but they should never be left untreated. Major structural issues like concrete cancer can start out as a few hairline cracks.​ Besides potentially weakening the structure, cracks can also act as a direct conduit for contaminants to get to reinforcing steel, which in time can corrode and lead to severe structural issues, such as concrete cancer.

Cracks gradually become wider which weakens the structure. Concrete cancer can be both dangerous and costly to repair which is why it is prudent to have any cracking you may have in your concrete structure assessed.

Repairing cracks with a high-quality concrete crack injection can restore the concrete member back to a pre-cracked condition, offering durability for the lifetime of the structure. Where appropriate, an epoxy crack injection is the most effective solution for our clients to extend the life of concrete structures which have started to deteriorate.

Epoxy Repair For Concrete Cracks

You have a variety of repair options available when your concrete structure starts to crack, but injection crack repair is one of the most effective methods. Structural injection with high-quality epoxy resins is capable of restoring damaged concrete to its pre-cracked strength.

Concrete crack resin injection is the simple process of injecting the epoxy directly into the affected area to bond the sections of concrete back together. Epoxy flows through the damaged concrete to provide structural strengthening while also sealing against further damage. Concrete crack repair with epoxy injection is quick to implement and the cost is minimal when compared to the long-term costs associated with more significant repairs if left or repaired cheaply.

Confirma™ uses the latest injection technology in both equipment and materials to repair structural cracks. Some of the benefits of repairing concrete cracks with epoxy injection include:


Can be injected into both dry and damp cracks


Hardening under dynamic loads


Low viscosity couple with a low surface tension gives unrivalled penetration of the finest crack widths to full depth of the crack


High compressive and tensile strengths

Structural Concrete Crack Repair Epoxy

Our structural crack repair experts will help restore the structural integrity of your damaged concrete by injecting cracks with epoxy resin. Concrete crack repair epoxy is a high-strength repair product that makes it ideally suited to industrial and civil infrastructure projects. Structural cracks require an immediate solution to mitigate the risk of dangerous issues from concrete cancer. Industrial concrete repair with epoxy resin is a low-impact application. Using the latest structural injection technology and epoxy kits can save developers and government bodies millions of dollars for the maintenance of existing structures.

Confirma™ has extensive experience using epoxy resin for the structural repair of concrete. We use only the highest quality epoxy injection concrete crack repair equipment. That allows us to determine the full extent of the problem in compromised concrete structures and protect against any further damage. Our practical experience coupled with the materials and systems we use has shown we have a proven track record of providing permanent treatments for structural concrete cracks.

Every crack injection project and situation is unique and concrete epoxy crack repair may not be the most effective solution for your structural concrete issue. If the concrete crack has become too wide or there is still too much water that can’t be removed then you may need to consider other repair methods. The concrete could also require more chipping away and demolition work before the crack can be filled in with concrete repair epoxy.

For very wide cracks or non-structural cracks, it’s best to consult with the structural concrete repair contractors at Confirma™. While epoxy crack repair is best suited for structural concrete cracks, for non-structural cracks (such as water ingress) polyurethane crack injection is the more favoured option to fill concrete cracks. At Confirma™, we offer a range of innovative repair techniques and will advise on the best method to restore and protect your concrete structure.

Why Choose Confirma™ For Your Concrete Crack Repair?

With years of experience in concrete crack repair epoxy injection, our team of highly-skilled professionals possess the expertise and knowledge to effectively diagnose and repair concrete cracks of all sizes and complexities. We have successfully tackled a wide range of concrete crack injection projects, honing our skills and techniques to deliver exceptional results for repaired cracked concrete.

At Confirma™, we use only the highest quality epoxy concrete crack repair material, equipment and technology to ensure that your concrete structure is as good as new.

We strive to exceed your expectations by delivering exceptional craftsmanship, reliable service, and long-lasting solutions for your concrete crack repair needs. Our commitment to quality guarantees that your repaired concrete will stand the test of time. Confirma™ is dedicated to providing a positive experience from start to finish, ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the final outcome.

If you would like more information on concrete injection repair or have a specific need that you would like to discuss, please get in touch.